maandag 10 november 2014

IDC Center Oceans 5 Gili Air is building a new compressor room

It is time for some improvements at dive resort Oceans 5. Oceans 5 has at this moment the compressor room in the middle of the resort. This gives a bit noise to the surrounding bungalows.

Oceans 5 decided to build a hyper modern compressor room at the back of her land. This room has space for at least 4 compressors. Oceans 5 has only 2: the Bauer Mariner 320 and the Bauer Poseidon 250. When the compressor room is finished Oceans 5 can fill 10 tanks at the same time and fill 25 tanks an hour. This will reduce the noise during the day.

The compressor room will have a double wall, so the noise cant get hardly out of the building. The negative part of the double walls are the heat in the building. For that each compressor has his own cooler, there are 2 exhausting fans in the building, 2 ACs ans separate fans.

Oceans 5 has still a Nitrox stick. It is possible to fill Nitrox tanks with a mix between the 21 and 40%. In the beginning of 2015 Oceans 5 will have a buster pump to make higher oxygen mixes.

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